Designed by McKenzie in 1868, Finsbury Park in North London has little changed from the original Victorian design despite the huge transformation in its surroundings.  The park sits in a state of stalemate and this is one of the key aims – to bring the park into the 21st century to meet the current needs of the diverse local communities. The proposal – a heterogeneous landscape that serves as a common for man and nature – a unique nature reserve and local park with a range of outstanding facilities.

JOH BATES STUDIO_FINSBURY PARKLANDThe landscape reflects the multiplicity of it’s surroundings with overlapping “wandering lands”. The interlaced mix of uses is shown in the conceptual master plan with the various colours reflecting their character. The idea of promoting biodiversity, sustainability and activity through an aesthetic of overlapping and weaving, is continued in the planting and use of materials on site. By encouraging interaction and education in the park, surrounding neighbourhoods should all have a reason to go there. It is fully accessible, open and enjoyed by all. This attachment with place will hopefully encourage a sense of pride and care that will improve the Finsbury Park area for the future. ­­

JOH BATES STUDIO_Finsbury Parkland Wandering Section