Claire Morgan Photo Colin Davison,Joh Bates Studio

Visual artist Claire Morgan, installing a piece of work formed of plant seeds. Copyright Colin Davison

Claire Morgan was born in Belfast and has recently moved from London t0 Tyne and Wear. Since graduating in 2003, Claire has exhibited internationally, with solo exhibitions in the UK and Europe, and museum shows in the US and Australia.

A new body of her work will be showing with Galerie Karsten Greve at Art Basel next week (June 18 -21 June 2015) and she is currently in St Louis, Alsace, installing a major solo museum exhibition which will include a number of large suspended sculptures, several smaller sculptural works in glass cabinets, and many works on paper:

Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better at Fondation Fernet Branca St Louis, France (14 June-15 November 2015, Vernissage 13 June, 5pm)



I think it is just a memory of my sister and I playing with friends in a wendy-house or tent of some sort, in the back garden of my parents semi-detached house in Belfast, which we moved out of when I was about 5 years old. As far as I can remember it was really just a square of grass.


Bamboo – I love the sound, height and  movement of it




… And I think I must say thistles and/or dandelions, since they are my livelihood!


My garden now is very much a work in progress. We have just moved into a house that we are renovating. At the front, there are lawns to either side of the path, with dense, blocky privet hedges surrounding them, but my big plans are for the internal courtyard. It’s about 8m by 9m, surrounded on all sides by the house, and is really private. At present there are just some small fruit trees in pots and other plants I brought from my previous place. I have been pleasantly surprised by how much sun the courtyard receives, though I will still be limited in what I can do with it because of the partial shade. I am used to growing veg with direct sunlight all day, but I think this will have more of a jungle feel, with climbers on all of the walls, maybe vines, and as many interesting textures and colours of foliage as I can fit. And space for a dining area and fire pit, and – I do have a bad habit of thinking too big – maybe a wood fired hot tub in future! At present though it is really quite a blank canvas, and must remain so until it is no longer a thoroughfare for rubble from our renovation work.


Thrunton Woods in Northumberland is a place I am very fond of. In the middle of an area of managed forest there is a prehistoric fort covered in woods, composed of mainly native tree species. It has quite a magical atmosphere, very peaceful but full of birds and other wildlife. I usually spot a deer watching me when I go to walk there.


I think it would probably be in Japan. It’s been a lifelong wish for me to visit Japan, but I have not found time to do it yet. The serenity of the green spaces, countryside, gardens, the beauty and very carefully considered simplicity of it seems almost otherworldly to me. My dream garden would have varying intimate spaces with different atmospheres, and would need to include (separately) masses of wisteria in bloom, passages through dense bamboo, a stream with banks covered in thick moss, a magnolia tree, a ruin of some building (new or old) which is being reclaimed by nature, and a very large victorian glasshouse full of tropical plant species and butterflies – though I appreciate the victorian glasshouse may be veering away from the Japanese setting a little!

Other ongoing shows:

The Gathering Dusk at Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris, France (24 February – 14 June 2015)

The Mystery of Birds at Energie AG, Linz Austria – as part of the 5th Hoehenrausch (28 May -18 December 2015)

Avesta 2015 at the Verket Museum. Avesta Kommun, Sweden (May 18 – September 18 2015)

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